Bus driver knocks out woman in cleveland

Behind you in the name of jesus, the woman is heard. It is wrong for the cleveland bus driver to lose his job that he has faithfully held for 22 years because he was forced to defend himself against an abusive passenger. The confrontation between the greater cleveland regional transit authority rta worker and the. When is it okay for a man to hit a woman if it is ever okay. The cleveland bus driver who punched a woman in the chin has been suspended from his job. Rta cleveland bus driver treats woman properly youtube. This was the 22 year veteran who delivered an upper cut to an unruly female passenger named shidea lane well, that driver was fired from his job and charged with assault last november. The bus driver managed to swerve out of the way, potentially saving the womans life. Oh my gawwwwwwd you goin to jail now song cleveland. Womans actions impacted public safety, but drivers behavior was even more deplorable posted by david adams on october 15th, 2012 it was a scene straight out of a mortal combat video game with sound affects included, when a cleveland transit driver punched an irate female patron, and promptly threw. We are investigating, mary shaffer, spokeswoman for the greaterarea cleveland rta, told the cleveland leader the video, filmed by a fellow bus rider and posted on the website world star hip hop, begins with showing an unidentified teenage girl wearing all black engaging in a verbal dispute with a. Sources told fox 8 news the incident happened a few. A video posted on youtube shows the 25yearold woman and the driver. A cleveland, ohio, bus driver dealt quite the blow to a woman who apparently had been taunting him during a ride, delivering an uppercut.

The original youtube video seen below showing a physical altercation between a bus driver and a female passenger aboard a cleveland bus describes the female as a teen girl. Cleveland bus driver uppercut official 2012 song you. A cleveland bus driver has been suspended following the surfacing of an online viral video depicting him viciously punching a female passenger, transit officials told. The jogger veers off course, charging into the woman and sending her flying into the path of a bus. Man smacks woman on the f train, car explodes into allout. If we cant get any drivers this summer, we will be starting the school year short its very dire, said director of.

The regional transit authority has fired the bus driver who killed a woman last month as she legally crossed an intersection at public square. This woman, shidea lane, walked up to him as he was sitting in his drivers seat, spit on him, and then tried to choke him as stated by artis hughes and several witnesses in a. Bus driver uppercuts female passenger video youtube. Woman choked me, spit on me see excerpts from the rta police report the driver filed after the sept.

The woman who was on the receiving end of a vicious uppercut by a cleveland bus driver is speaking out about the ordeal. Continue reading punk knocks out elderly bus driver with sucker punch in kansas city author vincit omnia veritas posted on october 4, 2012 october 4, 2012 format gallery categories torture tags beating, bus, cctv video, kansas, knock out, usa 169 comments on punk knocks out elderly bus driver with sucker punch in kansas city. Woman called demon, attacked on bus in east cleveland. A cleveland transit bus driver has been suspended after a video. Got some slw motion for a few of you guys out there. Instead of getting help, groups of men come by and take videos of her, rob her, even take selfies. Bus driver uppercuts female passenger daily mail online. This bus driver deserves a fucking medal and a big time promotion. Bus driver and passenger get into an altercation on a cleveland rta. Cleveland bus driver suspended for punching teenage. Bus driver slaps girl then punches teen in the face for disrespecting. Clip posted online shows woman shouting at the driver before being knocked to the floor and bustled off the bus matt williams in new york fri 12. He added that hughes firing sent a bad message and was followed by other assaults on bus drivers.

The bus driver directed by adrion thomas and martin usher starring martin usher as artis the bus driver hughes and anthony hp ennis. Cleveland bus driver uppercuts aggressive girl youtube. A cleveland public school bus driver has been relieved of his duties after he unleashed a profanitylaced tirade targeting an 11yearold boy. London jogger knocks woman in front of oncoming bus video. A cleveland bus driver decked a woman after she provoked him by screaming, spitting and pushing him. Cleveland bus driver suspended for punching woman black. The video shows the pair cross paths on a sidewalk in putney, southwest london. Whatever happened to cleveland bus driver artis hughes. Woman gets knocked out cold, bystanders stop to take selfies. Cleveland bus driver suspended after punching female rider. The cleveland browns are preparing for their fust preseason game this week. The punch knocked the woman to the ground, at which point the driver shoved her out of the bus.

You going to jail now, the driver says twice before throwing an uppercut that knocks the woman to the ground. Video shows violent assault involving rta bus operator that led to. I do not condone violence against women indeed i have never laid my hand on a woman in my life, but i do support the right of working class people to free themselves from verbal abuse of. Woman hit by cleveland bus driver talks to tjms black. The woman who was hit by an rta bus earlier this month has died, according to the cuyahoga county medical examiners office. A video posted on youtube shows the 25yearold woman and the driver arguing at the front of the bus before he got out of his seat and punched her. Bus driver knocks girl out after she assualts him youtube. Shidea lane joined the tjms this morning to defend her part in the altercation with cleveland bus driver artis hughes.

Cleveland ohio rta bus driver uppercuts female passenger. The bus stopped and some passengers rushed to the victims aid. Petition asks to reinstate cleveland bus driver suspended. The driver of bus 2802 leaves his seat after the woman appears to strike him. As their backandforth continues, the man slaps the woman, sending the subway car into a freeforall brawl, the cameraman screaming in excitement.

A video posted on youtube shows the 25yearold woman and the driver arguing at the front bus before he got out of his seat and punched her. Man knocks out bus driver because he couldnt pay his fare. Video cleveland school bus driver unleashes verbal. The video opens midargument with a 25yearold woman speaking disrespectfully to a bus driver. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Ohio bus driver punches female passenger on video cbs news. A cleveland bus driver has been suspended after a video showing the driver punching a female rider went viral.

Rta bus driver who hit, fatally wounded woman in public. Uploaded august 27, 2015 bus driver fights woman in front of her daughter after the lady threw a drink at her. East cleveland, ohio a woman was hurt and a man is under arrest after an attack that happened as an rta bus traveled through east cleveland. A cleveland municipal bus driver has been suspended after video surfaced this week showing him decking a mouthy female rider with a bolo punch. Cleveland bus driver punches passenger in graphic video. Hero knocks out violent thug attacking woman at bus stop.

Colombian bus driver punches a passenger for ringing bell. Shidea lane who got street fighter uppercut punched by. A thug who punched a woman at a bus stop is dropped by a haveago hero in this incredible cctv footage. Cleveland rta bus driver punches mouthy female passenger. The greater cleveland regional transit authority released video of a physical. Youtube video showed cleveland bus driver artis hughes punched a female passenger, 25yearold shidea lane, with an uppercut to her face. Artis hughes has also been fired from the greater cleveland regional transit. Artis hughes, an employee of the cleveland regional transit authority was disciplined after he uppercut shedia lane in the chin and threw her into the street. Cleveland ohio rta bus driver uppercuts female passenger pabby escobar. With the recalcitrant woman calling him a btch and a ngger, the bus driver responds. Lane says that when she got off work on september 18, she boarded a greater cleveland regional transit authority rta bus being driven by hughes. Footage shows a male jogger appearing to push a woman perilously close to an oncoming london bus. Cleveland ohio rta bus driver uppercuts female passenger skit.

Three takeaways from day 10 of cleveland browns training camp. However, new information from fox 19 and other stations reveals that the woman who was punched by the driver, a 22. The bus driver who drives like a maniac, who chucks you forward out of your seat at every stop and hurls you down the aisle when you try to reach the front door. London police released video that appears to show a jogger pushing a woman in front of an approaching bus. Cleveland bus driver fired for uppercutting female. At right, lane told fox 8 it felt like i was on mortal. Cleveland city schools in dire need of bus drivers the.

The cleveland city bus driver who was caught on film winding up and walloping a rowdy young female passenger has now joined the ranks of the. Cleveland bus driver punches female passenger full video video. Cleveland its been a tough couple of weeks for artis hughes, a former bus driver with the greater cleveland regional transit authority. Woman goes rampage at new york subway train duration. Whatever happened to the cleveland bus driver who delivered that. She was involved in one of the most watched internet videos of 2012 when she was hit with an uppercut by hughes. Cleveland bus driver punches female passenger full video. Cleveland ohio rta bus driver uppercuts unruly female. When a cleveland bus driver punched a passenger recently landing a violent uppercut and then throwing the woman out. Bus driver uppercuts female passenger video video dailymotion. A cleveland transit bus driver has been suspended after a video surfaced that shows him punching a female.

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