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The exterior of the ningbo historic museum was conceived as a kind of mountainous topography. The ningbo history museum is one of the signature projects of wang shu, an architect who was not widely known until he received the 2012 pritzker prize, architectures equivalent of the nobel prize. The ningbo historical museum serves as a good example of the deeper sense of authenticity, without coming across as a replica of the past showcasing a meaningful future to the spirit of the past. See more ideas about ningbo, history museum and museum. Ningbo history museum museum, ningbo, china britannica. It employs recycled materials with modern construction techniques, using the local practice of wapan wall building, where materials from buildings damaged in typhoons are reused. The museum is located in the bund area, by the river of yong in the east. In this exclusive dezeen movie, chinese architect wang shu of amateur architecture studio explains why he recycled material from traditional. Wang shu is a chinese architect based in hangzhou, zhejiang province. He creates a public space accessible to all residents, thus cementing their identity and generating social bonds. The ningbo museum, was raised in an isolated plain, in the city of the same name, in the eastern province of zhejiang, east of china located on the east coast of china, ningbo is a historical and cultural city with 7000 years of civilization and history 1200. Wang shu on amateur architecture studios ningbo museum.

Amateur architecture studio, ningbo history museum, 2008, zhejiang, china. The site is in history a birthplace of early marine transportation and trade business in ningbo. Ningbo museum, ningbo ticket price timings address. The building resides in the mature perfectly, making the museum not just a place to collect history, it itself is a historic creature. The museum building is an example of the search for innovative solutions with the optimum use of local conditions and authentic resources.

This video is part of the interview series archlab a cooperation of, the german architecture museum dam, the goethe institut and prounen film. Wang shus powerful ningbo history museum is made of rubble. Pdf city, tradition and contemporary china from wang shus. Ningbo museum ningbo, china, 2003 2008 wang shu chinese. Highlite international is the number one distributor of lighting equipment, audio equipment and many different accessories. The ningbo museum sits on a massive unpopulated plaza in yinzhou, a district in the city of ningbo with a 5,000year history that looks like it was established last year. The architect used many abandoned local materials such as old bricks and shattered pottery pieces to make these 24 meters high exterior walls. Interview with wang shu from amateur architecture studio on his project ningbo history museum in zhejiang, china. The ningbo museum is located on the west side of jinzhou central plaza, in the town of ningbo in zhejiang province. Aug 18, 2016 completed in 2008, the ningbo history museum is a 30,000squaremetre building located in the city of ningbo in zhejiang province, china. Ningbo history museumwang shu inhabitat green design. Ningbo historic museum wang shu, amateur architecture. Media in category ningbo museum of art the following 27 files are in this category, out of 27 total.

The result is a stunning attempt to turn the museum inside out and encourage visitors to touch the past in the same way that they might scale a mountain. Evoking memories of tradition and city ningbo history museum. Nov 9, 2015 ningbo museum ningbo, china, 2003 2008 wang shu chinese architect, b. Mar 01, 2012 from the street the main access into the museum is through a higher platform.

Ningbo historic museum by amateur architecture studio icon. Wang is an avid photographer whose work has been exhibited in the ningbo museum of art. Nevertheless, the desire of the designer is to rebuild a chinese ceremonial space. Creator corporation crm beijing kensence technology development co. In the wake of the economic boom, urban development has expanded to the yinzhou district, making it the setting for a new history museum. Dec 15, 2012 they do this with projects including a history museum in the coastal city of ningbo, an art academy in his home city of hangzhou, and the rescue of a historic street, zhongshan road, also in hangzhou. That is because the east china sea has played a huge role in the history and culture of ningbo. Features of jiangnan residences are integrated into the museum design by decorations made from old tiles and bamboo. Wangs other major projects include the ningbo museum of art 2005, the xiangshan. Souvenirs of ningbos traditional customs have been preserved here. Built by wang shu, winner of architectures prestigious pritzker prize, the ningbo museum charts 7,000 years of civilisation. Your child will love battling against evil in ninja adventures. Mccaffrey interviu na a 2021 aca aeoe 19 enero 2016 aca march 15 and 17 firstsecondround sites.

Combination of wapan masonry and mortal with a concrete linear panel, integrated horizontally into the panel every three meters. Ningbo museum of fashion provides visitors with an insight into the changing nature of chinese clothing from its early birth through to present day. Wang jianfeng chairs ningbo joyson, a manufacturer of automotive accessories. Ningbo historic museum ningbo historic museum presentation. The streets that surround it are wide enough to accommodate six lanes of traffic, but are virtually carfree. In iwan baans website, we found one of the latest works he photographed, the ningbo historic museum designed by wang shu, amateur architecture. Converted and rebuilt from a port control building, the museum construction retains the control tower which, along with the unique architectural form of dualshell square base symbolizes an ark of art parked by the river. Ningbo museum of art offers contemporary displays complimented by special exhibitions, while hongjia art gallery presents visitors with oil paintings, sculptures and a variety of exhibitions. Ningbo history museum, 200308, ningbo, zhejiang province the museum that presents the citys history is built on deserted docks from the. The search for an authentic and modern chinese regional architecture takes an encouraging turn with the ningbo museum. Ningbo museum 2020 all you need to know before you go with. Dec 12, 2015 design concept towards cultural values 2. Ningbo museum by pritzker prize winner wang shu building. Other articles where ningbo history museum is discussed.

Theres no magnificent square or broad steps, which has become the most controversial part in the design. Yesterday chinese architect wang shu was awarded the 2012 pritzker prize, one the worlds highest honors in architecture. With its deepwater port and long history as a trading centre, ningbo is the engine of chinas eastcoast economy. Bids m401 this lot cannot be placed without a valid australian shipping address. Located in a new district of ningbo, this museum seeks to marry 1200 years of city history to the natural environment, in accordance with chinese tradition. Present version of ningbo museum by caroline fong on prezi. Iwan baan in 2000s, museum tags china, iwan baan, wang shu. Wang shu 2012 laureate essay the pritzker architecture prize. The main screen of ningbo museum refers to traditional historical customs in ningbo area. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times.

Ningbo museum photo from ningbo, locating in the east coast of china, is a historical and cultural city which has 7,000 years of civilization and 1,200 years of city history. The 10 best things to do in ningbo 2020 with photos. The public response has been resoundingly positive. Acts as the weather barrier for the building traditional construction technique picture retrieved from. Wangs other major projects include the ningbo museum of art 2005, the.

After all, it was partly because ningbo has demolished all of its history, he says, that officials commissioned the museum. Ningbo historic museum presentation panels archnet. History museum and xiangshan campus, wang shu responds to the. The ningbo historic museum by architect lu wenyu was built in ningbo, zhejiang, china in 2007. Ningbo museum is designed by wang shu, the first chinese citizen to win the pritzker architecture prize in 2012. Wang shus ningbo history museum built from the remains of. Image 1 of 17 from gallery of ningbo historic museum wang shu, amateur architecture studio. At present ningbo is a key part of international trade offering more than 110 shipping lines and regarded as holding one of the largest ports in the world. Historic museum as a landscape is key to perceiving the projects meaning. Ningbo is one of chinas oldest cities, with a history dating back to the hemudu culture in 4800 bc. Like his other work, it incorporates local recycled materialstiles, bricks, and stonesand combines modern technologies with traditional crafts and attention to the buildings site.

Gallery of ningbo historic museum wang shu, amateur. History museum and xiangshan campus, wang shu responds to the astonishing pace and scale of. Using bamboo board after cracking texture effects achieve the natural effect 2. The design is a conceptual combination of mountains, water and oceans, as the east china sea has played an important role in the history of ningbo. Article pdf available december 2012 with 540 reads. Designed by architect wang shu, who in 2012 won the pritzker architecture prize, for his exemplary cultural continuity and the vigor with which he has recovered the tradition in the words of qian lu, director of the museum. Since the reform and opening up, ningbo has become one of the most developed cities. Once known as mingzhou, ningbo was known as a trade city on the silk road at least two thousand years ago, and then as a major port, along with yangzhou and guangzhou in the tang dynasty.

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